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Last Tuesday our cover designer Athanasios (who also answers to Tom, for those who like names easy on the eye and tongue) began the first of a four part series looking at what goes on behind the scenes to produce a great cover.

Just a reminder, above, of the two great covers he produced for our Saffina Desforges Presents anthology series. BTW, Volume 2 hopefully will be live this coming weekend!

More on that later in the week if things go to plan. meanwhile, without further ado, here’s Athanasios with Part Two of his cover design series. Take it away, Tom!

Covering for Mark Williams – II

I’m Athanasios, a VERY little known graphic/video artist in dvd/film production and lesser-known indie writer.

In my last post I detailed how I went from commenting about other indie writer’s book covers in the facebook group Indie Writers Unite! to redoing and improving them. I also showed the process involved in making covers and their evolution in my own books.

I was enjoying some success with the covers I’d done so I continued my promotional efforts. While telling many other facebook groups, forums and indie bloggers about my Occult/Horror Thriller, Mad Gods I also let them know I’m knowledgeable and able to do some pretty damn eye-catching and good covers for books.

One such effort bore fruit when Andre Jute at ROBUST goodreads group reposted my ad for Covers For Hire. He also gave my name to KA Jordan, a ROBUST group member who was looking for a new cover for her paranormal romance, Swallow the Moon. I went back and compiled our email exchanges and the step by step of the process.

Andre’s ROBUST Post
Athanasios Galanis will do you a basic cover for between $50 and $500, still a bargain for a guy who knows what he’s doing. Samples at

Kathleen’s ROBUST Post
I contacted him(?) and got a reply right off. Instead of the black cover, he said he could show me something with both characters and the bike.
I’m intrigued.

Andre’s ROBUST Post
It’s a him, all right. He’s a professional graphic designer. He creates graphic books. I thought his work would be bang in the bullseye for quite a few ROBUSTER’s books.

Then we moved to exchanges of emails.

From Kathleen:
I have an e-book cover that will not work in a print format. So I’m looking for a cover that will work both as a paperback and an e-book.
The name of my e-book is ‘Swallow the Moon’ about a witch, a soldier, a haunted motorcycle and a mad artist.
The current cover does not lend itself to becoming a brand. It is very plain green on black. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

From Athanasios:
Well, it’s quite a literal cover.
From your description I would do a close up of the bike and do some kind of artwork directly on the bike itself.

From Kathleen:
The bike is a modern Haybusa – painted to look like an albino Burmese python.
Can you do that???
Could I afford it?

From Athanasios:
I could do that in mockUP for spec, and if you agree I’ll do it in earnest.
I can get something to you sometime tomorrow this time, just the rough idea,
Sound good?

From Kathleen:
The photo attached is roughly the same model – I can’t see if the faring is the right one.
I’ll get you a picture of a snake too and I’ve attached the book blurb.

From Athanasios:
Ok is the bike supposed to be reminiscent of a python or a cobra? I gotta know cause the faces of pythons and venomous snakes are different.
Also you were mentioning Burmese pythons before. Do you want Burmese coloring or regular python coloring, I’ve gotta know all this.

From Kathleen:
I think the Cobra Head would be the most dramatic of the two.

Based on the previous email back & forth I Googled and found references. Then I made and sent Kathleen the mockUP to give a proper gist of what I wanted to do.

From Athanasios:
Hey Kathleen. Here is a preliminary mock up of Swallow the Moon.
I hope you like it. If you’ve got any further suggestions please specify.

From Kathleen:
Wow – that is seriously moody – I love the snake pattern, the head, and the background with the moon. It should really stand out.
I like the typeface too – will work well with other books.
There is one suggestion – it’s a romance, so we should have the two of them on the cover.

From there I completed the finishing touches.

This week I shared a quick back and forth of ideas that led to a striking cover. Next week I’ll go into a wider variety of covers and the expansion of the covers for my own work.

I’m always willing to help with indie authors with their covers. More examples of my work are @: Covers For Hire or email me @:

Athanasios’s webpage is

Athanasios’s Covers For Hire page is

Mad Gods buy pages are &

Commitment buy pages are &


Athanasios will be back next week with part 3.

Meantime we’ve set Athanasios a challenge quite different from his usual fare.

Regulars will know that we’re working with two fantabulous teen writers on a new YA series, St. Mallory’s, set in a modern day English boarding school. Imagine St. Trinian’s without the innuendo and stockings, with  a dash of Blyton, Brazil and Brent Dyer thrown in.

What will Athanasios come up with? We have no idea, but are eagerly awaiting the first drafts! 🙂

    • Miriam Joy
    • December 13th, 2011

    I like that finished one. It’s pretty 😀

  1. ooooh, I can’t wait either! With a name like Athanasios, anything can happen! 😉

    Thanks Tom!

  2. Can I just say again Athanasios is a cool name. I love how it sounds…

    Anyway. OMG St. Mal’s I haven’t heard Charley or Miriam mention it much lately, but I’m wicked excited for when it comes out!

    But speaking covers… what about on for a trilogy that I haven’t even really gotten to a final edit on.. ha ha ha Yeah, I’m probably jumping the gun a little. *grin*

  3. Tom – I stll love that cover!!! thanks so much!

  4. Thanks Kat, it’s gotten a lot of great comments.

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