Ghostwriters In The Sky – Anne R. Allen’s Latest Release

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so it may not be Halloween yet where you are, but think time zones! For some MWi readers it’s already started!

No “proper” post here at MWi today. As ever, I’m over at WG2E, where today the title is Forward To The Future. Tomorrow Always Comes, and the topic is why it’s important for us as writers to look ahead, think ahead and plan ahead if we intend to stay ahead.

Needless to say MW has his crystal ball out and sets out some likely future developments that will affect us all. Given his track record so far I’d say it’s worth checking out.

* * *

There’s also talk about the future over at MWiDP, for those who missed it, including advance news of the pending MWi ebook store.

And if you check out the comments you’ll find that some unexpected references by Elizabeth Ann West forced us to play our hand early and reveal our Teach The World To Read project, which we were kind of hoping to keep under wraps until the New Year.

But ne’er mind. We still have plenty more surprises in store for 2012!

* * *

Meanwhile back to today.

While MWiDP has got off to a great start with the Crossing The Pond initiative, we’re only a month old and so far only have one author, ourselves aside, that we have taken all the way from draft manuscript to pristine published product. That person being the one and only blogging guru Anne R. Allen.

Anne has no less than three previously unpublished novels debuting with us.

The first, The Gatsby Game, which is a murder-mystery based on real life events, has been out a few weeks now.

The third, due out before Christmas, is Sherwood Ltd,  a satirical comic murder mystery, part of the Camilla Randall Mystery series, set in our very own merry England in the Lincoln green countryside of the Robin Hood legend.

But just in time for Halloween comes another in the Camilla Randall Mystery series – Ghostwriters In the Sky. Set in a writers’ conference on a cowboy ranch in California, the victim, the suspects and the MC are all writers. Irresistable or what?

NYT best-selling author Ruth Harris described it as “chick-lit noir with a side of funny”. Kindle UK best-selling athor Saffina Desforges (no, I’ve never heard of her either) describes it as “chick-lit for brunettes”.

But there’s no hair-color checks on and so don’t be deterred if your hair doesn’t match. Even baldies can buy!

So grab yourself a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and a comfy sofa, and enjoy Halloween courtesy of Anne R. Allen.

  1. I haven’t read any of Ann’s books yet, but I’m intrigued! And I LOVE the idea of Ghostwriters in the Sky. Hilarious! Bopping over to Zon now…

  2. And needless to say, we are THRILLED to have Anne’s books with us! 😉

  3. Shoo. I’m only half awake and must apologize for my butterfingers and slow brain… I meant ANNE.

  4. And a Sunday, too, Shea! Double reason to miss an ‘e’. I’m sure Anne will forgive you if you leave a review on the Zon when you’ve read the book! 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you! What a great write-up. This is so exciting. (And don’t worry about my “e” Shea–half the people I know leave it off.)

    I have a fun interview today over at Morgen Bailey’s blog And I’m running a contest to win a couple of free copies of GHOSTWRITERS IN THEY SKY on my own blog this morning. I’m also talking about the dark side of writers’ workshops and critique groups. If you’ve had a bad experience with a critiquer, come on over and vent.

    Thanks again, so very, very much. This is giving my career new life. And don’t you just love those covers by Laura Morrigan?

    • Haven’t managed to get into Morgen’s site yet, Anne. Sunday e-traffic here is always a nightmare.

      I’m guessing issues on the east coast your way will play havoc with blog traffic generally. Hopefully I’ve seen my last snow ever. The children here of course have never known it.

  6. Congrats on the release, Anne! It sounds fab 🙂

  7. Congrats Anne. Wonderful covers and dang it, i wish I was a faster reader! Three more books on my TBR which is HUMUNGOUS!

    • I have a list like that, Prue. So many paper books stacked up that I told myself I couldn’t have a Kindle until I got through the pile. But I don’t see that happening. Also, I realize my favorite genres don’t tend to be in paper, so part of the reason I haven’t got through the paper ones, is they aren’t as much fun. So Santa Claus is being lobbied for a Christmas Kindle.

    • friedensreich hundertwasser
    • January 9th, 2012
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