Morning Sickness… Update from MWiDP.

Morning Sickness and Strange Cravings – the latest from MWiDP.

As MWiDP enters its second month of pregnancy the ultra-sound scans are in and the bulge is beginning to show. So time for a quick update for those who are in, and too for those who are watching and wondering.

Well, the good news is we now have over sixty titles live, and more pending, so a great start.

The bad news is, we would be much further ahead were it not for the nightmare that is KDP.

Longer term we hope to get full recognition by Amazon as a publisher and get better access, but that will take time. For now we’re stuck with KDP.

Because our Crossing The Pond authors are already published on and are transferring rights to us for European distribution we  have the small problem of convincing Amazon’s anti-piracy police that we are not stealing these books without the authors’ knowledge.

In theory simple enough. We upload the title. KDP send us an alert asking to see the contracts. We send the contract. Title appears 24 hours later.

That’s the theory. And for 95% it works well. For the remaining five per cent one of two things happens.

Click here to read the rest on the MWiDP blog and see what MWiDP has in store for 2012.

  1. Thanks for the openness with this post. I am one of those watching and I appreciate your candor. The marketing of e-books really does seem to go virtually nowhere for so many beyond the UK and such. Your e-book store idea is intriguing. : ) Believe it or not, I was just contemplating your concept, yet again, yesterday.

    Katherine Owen

    • Thanks, Katherine.

      We are acutely aware a lot of people are watching to see how this pans out.

      We’re trying to be as honest and upfront as possible about the downsides while not scaring people away, and equally trying to be realistic about the upsides, so as not to raise false expectations.


  2. I left a comment over on the other site. It’s helpful to have all these facts. And I love the idea of running your own ebook store, if you can run it from your mud hut 😉

  3. It’s amazing what you can do from a mud hut, Anne!

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