The New Saffina Desforges Crime Thriller Finally Released!

At last!

It was due out three weeks ago, but a combination of Saffi’s poor health and my geographical problems meant delay after delay. It seemed nothing would go right for us.

Then this weekend we finally had the new script back from format. A final check. A quick prayer to the Kindle Gods in the sky. And click upload.

Snow White, the first of the new Rose Red crime thriller series is now live on and It will be making its appearance in Waterstone’s e-book store and numerous other outlets during the course of the week.

First time around, with Sugar & Spice, we opted for the traditional route, then considered e-publishing. This time we had no hesitation whatsoever in releasing the new book digitally first. Here it is:

No doubt you’ll have spotted the art style is similar to that on Sugar & Spice, so a big thank you to Jeroen Ten Berge for his creative endeavors. Jeroen has also worked with Joe Konrath, Blake Crouch and Suzanne Tyrpak, among many others great indie names.

And for anyone wondering exactly what the new book is all about, this from the Amazon blurb:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?

From the acclaimed Kindle-UK best-selling author Saffina Desforges (Sugar & Spice) comes a sensational new crime thriller series.

The Rose Red series takes British crime thrillers in a new direction, with a fast-paced, action-packed detective fiction, each based on the theme of a classic fairy tale.

Forget plodding police procedurals. Think ‘Ashes To Ashes’ meets the ‘Women’s Murder Club’.

Snow White is book one of the Rose Red series. DI Cass ‘Red’ Rose is a feisty female cop fighting the usual battles that go with being a senior detective in London’s Metropolitan Police.

Most coppers go home and forget about it. Not so easy when your partner is a leading criminal defence lawyer. As one fights to put them away, the other tries to get them off.


A priceless artefact is stolen en route from the Louvre to the Victoria & Albert Museum and now the mysterious Queenie wants The Huntsman to get it back. For Red the case is a distraction from the more pressing matter of hoodies terrorizing the elderly on London estates.

But when Red’s boss and mentor is targeted by the Huntsman things get personal. Very personal.

Set in modern-day London, Snow White is a fast-paced, gritty urban thriller that will leave you wondering whether fairy tales really do have a happy ending.

Rose Red Book 2: Rapunzel will be available late 2011.

Okay, that’s the lot from me. Shameless self-promotion for a change.

And mid-week it’s our turn for the Summer Book Club too. Pure coincidence, honest! Snow White should have been live weeks ago!

But stay with us. We have some great guests lined up for the rest of the month and into September, some exciting new projects to announce, and of course the usual mix of  news, reviews and juicy gossip from indie-land.

But for now, just tootle along to your favourite ebook site, press that buy button, and sit back and enjoy Snow White. And if you read really carefully you might just spot the seven dwarfs in there too.


    • Miriam
    • August 15th, 2011

    Well, I read the sample at least, just didn’t feel up to reading the whole thing on the computer. My eyes would die! They already have… If I hadn’t just lost my camera and had to buy a new one this morning, though, I was going to get a kindle this weekend. Now I have no money again.

  1. Fear not, Ms Miriam. Christmas is coming!

    And you can buy a cheap e-reader in the UK for less than half the price of a Kindle, so don’t get too hung up on a brand name. Our books aren’t just on Amazon. Worth shopping around.

  2. I have just one thing to say. Are you ready?


    (Throws glitter.)

  3. Been looking forward to this! Just downloaded it, and am looking forward to settling in when I have some time. I love Kindle.

  4. I see Snow White flying up the UK and US Amazon charts already! All the best of luck to you, Saffina and Mark. Definitely another Best Seller.

  5. Thanks, Tom. Wish we had time to write some real literature like you, though!

  6. *makes a note of the book’s name*
    The moment I get my hands on some more money for the Kindle…

    Awesome stuff guys! And ‘grazt on the success you told me about earlier too! 😀

    • Thanks, Ms Spook! Just remember you don’t *need* a Kindle – you can download to smartphones, iPads, laptops, macs, and all manner of other things.

  7. Congrats, Mark & Saffi. It’s so exciting to release another book. I wish you all the success in the world.

    I’m not usually a thriller reader, more into fairies and dragons. BUT your blurb peaked my interest and I may just have to try something new when I’ve finished my current book 🙂

    Is there anything gory in it? I don’t do blood and guts. Yeah, I’m a wimp LOL!!! PG-13 is about my limit.

  8. Congrats on overcoming health and geographical challenges and getting the book online! And more congrats on moving up the charts so fast.

    BTW, did you know that not one but TWO different film versions of the Snow White tale are due to debut in the next six months? I’d say your timing is perfect!

    • Had no idea about the new films! Cool!

      The Rose Red begun as a series idea for TV, and then we decided to make it a fast-write crime series (as opposed to the traditional plodding British police procedural) and the title just set the theme.

      The theory is the rest of the series will be far easier and quicker to write because they key characters, locations, etc are all in place. We’ll soon see!

  9. And why shouldn’t you have shameless self-promotion? This is a launch-party and we are all here to drink a toast to Snow White’s future… congratulations to you both and very best of luck.

    There’s no doubt you are a miracle team and there is a red chair somewhere waiting…

  10. Just bought it, Mark and Saffi, and can’t wait to read it!!!

    Congrats and sooo tickled to share a release day with ya both!!!


  11. Thanks for all the good wishes guys! We are really excited about the Rose Red series and it going live at the same time as the films was pure coincidence *ahem* 😉 (On Mark’s part anyway!)



  12. Very cool!!! congrats on the release! I started reading it on my Kindle last night!! I absolutely love Red~she’s going to be to reckon with!! Hope to finish it by the weekend between all my kids stuff:))

  13. Tonya Kappes :
    Very cool!!! congrats on the release! I started reading it on my Kindle last night!! I absolutely love Red~she’s going to be to reckon with!! Hope to finish it by the weekend between all my kids stuff:))

    Hey Tonya,

    How on earth do you find time? 😉

    Really glad that you like Red, me too. I love her! Will be really interested to see what you think. Good luck with your recent release – although by the looks of it, you don’t need it!


    • L.A Lopez
    • August 22nd, 2011

    Congrats on the release. Charging battery to my NOOK and will be buying it today…

    • Thanks, LA! Being outside the US we have to upload to B&N through Smashwords, and cannot buy from B&N to see if the upload was succcessful. Hopefully all okay!

  14. Congratulations, Mark, on the release of Snow White! I love the cover art.

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