Fellowship of Kindle Writers: Lynne North

Kristen Lamb’s best-selling book We Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide To Social Media makes the point that, in this new bright new world of e-publishing, we are not alone.

As writers we can use social media platforms like blogs, facebook, twitter, etc, to promote our own work and that of fellow writers to our mutual benefit.

It obviously works, because here I am plugging Kristen’s book on my blog. Again!

Given our ground-breaking novel  Sugar & Spice has just hit the Amazon UK Kindle Top Ten, it’s the least I could do.

Sure having a great story helps, but without Saffy’s tireless social networking (using Kristen’s methods!) to make sure the world knew it existed, it’s meteoric rise to the top could never have happened so quickly.

But the main purpose of this blog (and every Monday’s blog, now I’m finally settled down here on the Smiling Coast of Africa) will be to highlight a fellow Kindle writers’ work, in the we-are-not-alone spirit Kristen advocates.

And first in line if children’s author Lynne North, whose book Gertie Gets It Right (Eventually) has just been e-published on Amazon Kindle.

Writing for children is often thought to be an easy option.

By people who have never written for children…

In fact, writing for children is an art-form all of its own, and one few master.

Regular readers will know the high regard in which I hold Enid Blyton, so will have no doubts about my continuing willingness to embrace children’s literature despite my advancing years. So when I heard Lynne had out Gertie on Kindle I was among the first to buy it.

Now Gertie is about a young witch. In fact, as Lynne explains, “Gertie Grimthorpe comes from a long line of witches. Unfortunately, she hasn’t really got the hang of it. Being blonde haired, blue eyed and free of warts isn’t much of an advantage.”

Now who wouldn’t be hooked with a tag like that?

Better still, Lynne does not try to jump on the JK bandwagon and do a Harry Potter light.

This is much more in the spirit of Jill Murphy’s classic The Worst Witch series, which I’d downloaded on my Kindle if they weren’t so ridiculously priced! (How on earth can they charge more for a download than for the paperback?)

Anyway, if you’ve got young kids after a great read, or just fancy reliving your own childhood, why not take a chance and give it a try.

Next time you’re on the train and the old git opposite is hiding behind his Kindle with a smile on his face, maybe it’s not wind after all. Maybe he’s secretly reading Gertie Gets It Right (Eventually).

Don’t get left behind by the e-publishing revolution.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a writer!

  1. Yes, I bought (hard copy) Kristen’s book. It is now my bible! I was already doing some of what she advised, and am putting into action the rest.

    So proud of Lynne North!! We chat from time to time, and I remember us “moaning” together about YWOs 50,000 publishing deal back in 2008 (critics: they managed it in the end!), so well done to her.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment on my site, Mark!

  3. Thanks for your kind comment on my site, Mark! And the link! (Still trying to figure out how to do links from my own.)

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