New literary masterpiece discovered.

Admit it! You’re all as excited as I am at the news that a previously unknown Enid Blyton story has turned up out of nowhere, forty years after she died.

Yes, we all know she’s not the most PC writer that ever existed, and with 800 books to her credit it’s inevitable not every one of them is a masterpiece.

But admit it. She was your childhood favourite, and if no-one else is about there’s nothing you like better than to dig out your treasured copy of the Famous Five, the Secret Seven or Mallory Towers and have a moment of pure, unadulterated nostalgia.

But get this: the newly discovered treasure is from her fantasy period in the late thirties. Yep, from the time of the Magic Faraway Tree, the Wishing Chair, the Book of Brownies and the incontestable The Land of Far Beyond.

The title Mr Tumpy’s Caravan may sound like a reworking of Mr Pinkwhistle and the Adventure series, but apparently it’s yet another fantasy epic, and a book I for one will be downloading as soon as its released, or having sent out here in book form if they decide to deprive Kindle readers of its pleasures.

And just in case you’re a teacher, librarian , social worker or other mindless idiot who jumped on the lets diss Enid Blyton bandwagon, bear in mind Enid Blyton’s works have been translated into more than 40 languages, have sold more than 500m copies worldwide, and continue to be reprinted year after year and continue to sell in their millions with no media hype, films or theme parks, just the pure magic of the written word.

Let’s hear it for Enid Blyton, the greatest children’s author that ever lived!

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