Of Mice And Men…

Whether you’re a John Steinbeck fan, or can trace affiliation back to Robbie Burns himself, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of seeing your carefully laid schedule ripped into pieces and tossed to the far winds by “events.”

Thus is it with the blog re-launch.

There I was, living a life of blissful ignorance in the glorious sunshine here on the Smiling Coast, supping an ice-cold Sprite, pondering what direction to take our new Snow White crime thriller series, when my co-author Saffina emails the news that we’ve made the top ten on Amazon!

Sure enough, when eventually I managed to log on (The Gambia is still very much a third-world country where IT is concerned) our ground-breaking thriller Sugar & Spice is indeed in at number ten in the thriller genre and, perhaps even more remarkably, in the top forty on the overall Amazon Kindle chart, competing against star names like James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell et al.

Oh for an ice-cold beer to celebrate! But alcohol in this largely Muslim country is to be found only in the tourist areas, where I venture only when necessary. Maybe tomorrow!

Meanwhile, back to reality.

Tomorrow shall see my revival of the ones-to-watch-on-youwriteon, as part of our commitment to building a platform for new writing and writers, beginning with a WIP from Anthony C Green by the curious title of Spiritual Philosophy: The Novel, which deserves a wider audience.

Peer-group-review sites like youwriteon, authonomy, etc, enjoy mixed reputations in the writing community, but for many new writers they are the only place where they can get independent and (hopefully) honest feedback about works in progress, from absolute beginners through to accomplished authors. Certainly for youwriteon it is the case that many established writers trial new material on the site to test audience reaction.

With so much material on both sites it’s quite impossible to keep track of everything, so if anyone has seen something special on a peer-review site recently, or just something that shows real promise, even if still in the very early stages, please let me know.

Good new writers both need and deserve every break they can get, and as the tsunami that is the e-book revolution continues to rewrite the rule book on how writers, agents, publishers and readers interact, there has never been a better time for wannabe writers to get their works before the reading public, and for the best among them to rise to well-deserved fame and fortune.

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