Welcome to my (new) world

If you go to bed tonight dreading the alarm call that will wake you for work in the morning, you have my sympathy.

If you hate Mondays, your job is a drudge, and the weekend is all you have to look forward to, you have my sympathy.

If you have to dress up in a cumbersome coat and scarf to go out, need to carry an umbrella and have no faith in the weather forecast, you have my sympathy.

If you’ve never eaten a banana straight from the “tree” or peanuts straight from the ground, you have my sympathy.

If you don’t wake up every day thinking you’re the luckiest person on the planet, you have my sympathy.

Because you obviously don’t live in the Smiling Coast of West Africa, officially known as The Gambia.

I do.

My name is Mark Williams, and I’m an alcoho – No. That’s not the one. Sorry!

My name is Mark Williams, and I’m a writer.

Welcome to my blog.

If you’re a new visitor, pleased to meet you. Enjoy your stay.

If you’re returning after my prolonged absence, welcome back.

I’m now fully relocated here in one of the smallest and most impoverished countries on the African continent, living a life of abject laziness and tranquillity while pretending to my co-author that I’m busy with our next projects.

Minor issues like internet connectivity have kept me offline since late last year, but everything now (hopefully) resolved and time to return to the fray.

Meanwhile my co-writer has been hard at it keeping the indie-writers’ flag flying. Check out her blogs at:



Follow her on Twitter: @safficscribe

And of course, if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to download our latest novel, the ground-breaking crime-thriller Sugar & Spice, from Amazon Kindle.



(new cover coming soon!)

With Saffina frantically busy with the indie promotions on her blogs I’ll be reviving my old habit of championing the up-and-coming from the peer-group review sites like youwriteon, authonomy, etc, commencing this week.

And in between the writing discussions and the inevitable brooding over the darker things in life that my regular readers expect of me, I’ll also be bringing you some insights into the reality of life here in West Africa, where nothing is what it seems and everything warrants a double-take.

If I never go back to Europe it will be too soon!

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